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Making Tech Accessible and Affordable

We are accelerating digitization through the intelligent software ecosystem by manufacturing devices, SaaS, and licensing models. Our core belief is to locally manufacture sustainable and environment-friendly devices with innovative technology that is highly adaptable in all kinds of markets.

Smart Sustainable & Environment-friendly Tech

  • – Every device we sell we plant a tree
  • – We are collaborating with local govt to make this happen
  • – Recycled paper for production and packaging
  • – We use the greenest option to lower carbon emission
  • – We promote khaki
  • – We use khaki paper stationery due to its biodegradable.

Who We Are

SuperUs is an Indian Tech OEM enterprise with 3 Strategic Business Units and a manufacturing capability to export Globally.

SuperUs Digital Signage

Simplifies communication to engage customers through innovative display solutions.

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SuperUs E-ink

Signed an exclusive deal to build and manufacture in India from the commercial leader in the industry.

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SuperUs Payment Systems

Building customized devices to ease financial transactions with accessibility & quick updates.

Thought Leadership


Reimagining e-Paper Displays Beyond Kindle

When it comes to e-Paper Displays, the first word that pops up in everyone’s mind is Kindle e-Book Readers.

The brand association of Amazon’s Kindle with e-Paper Displays is as ubiquitous as Bisleri’s association with mineral water and Xerox’s association with photocopier machines.

While the e-Paper (also referred as e-Ink) technology has been around for decades, its industrial application has been primarily restricted to e-Paper Displays like Kindle.

Towards A Sustainable Future: One PIS Display At A Time

As organisations accelerate their digital transformation activities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce overhead costs, they unknowingly end up implementing technologies that contravene both these objectives and thereby become unsustainable in the future.

Take the example of traditional light-based displays or modern LED/LCD-based displays used in Public Information Systems (PIS) that heavily depend on the electrical grid network for reliable power supply and uninterrupted WiFi connectivity to sync with smart transport management systems.

Demystifying e-Paper Technology

Invented in 1974 by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center’s Nicholas Sheridon, Electronic Paper (e-Paper) is widely cited as a practical and cost-effective alternative to other display technologies like TFTs, LCDs and LEDs.